Steinway Grand M Piano 2

A Rare, Restored 1932 Chippendale Steinway Grand M Piano has been donated to WAAM

A rare, original 1932 Chippendale Steinway Grand M Piano, restored to its historical accuracy and beauty by Lindeblad Piano Restoration has been donated to We Are All Music Foundation by the Nelson Family of Englewood, NJ. Lindeblad Piano Restoration kindly donated their expert craftsmanship and over 300 hours to restore this rare piano to its…

The Power Of Music, Episode 5: The Influence of Corporate Giving on Social Causes

Tune-in to see how WAAM is working with corporations to change the narrative on the role of the arts in creating positive social change.
In this conversation it becomes clear that by working together, corporations and nonprofits are capable of achieving so much more… especially through the Power of Music!