The Power Of Music, Episode 5: The Influence of Corporate Giving on Social Causes

Tune-in to see how WAAM is working with corporations to change the narrative on the role of the arts in creating positive social change.
In this conversation it becomes clear that by working together, corporations and nonprofits are capable of achieving so much more… especially through the Power of Music!

Power of Music Helping Mental Health

FORBES FEATURES The We Are All Music Foundation, Highlighting Recent Data and Science on How The Power Of Music Is Helping Our Mental Health

The positive impact music has on mental health is the critical focus of our mission, as we continue our efforts to improve people’s lives through the healing power of music. Read the article which also highlights our inaugural “Power of Music” grant recipients Education Through Music, Guitars Over Guns , and Hip Hop Public Health.

The Power Of Music Episode 4

The Power Of Music, Episode 4: “For the Culture” Feat. Andre “Add 2” Daniels

In this special opportunity, you will get a firsthand account of the transformative power of music from the multitalented artist, and most recently, AT&T Dream in Black 2021 Future Maker, Add-2. Find out why AT&T described Add-2 as an individual that “has used his gift with words as well as his passion for his community to change the reality that surrounds him.”

David Zusman

WAAM Co-founder David Zusman discusses Music and Philanthropy on Plectrum Advisor’s “LET’S TALK” Interview Series.

When you’re ready to give back, how do you make sure your philanthropic donation makes a difference?

Our guest, David Zusman, co-founder of The “We Are All Music Foundation” (WAAM), shares with us how he’s created and structured this philanthropic organization to make sure all gifts have maximum impact.