Steinway Grand M Chippendale Piano Auction is Live!

Steinway Grand M Chippendale Piano Auction is Live!


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Though our partnership, Lindeblad Piano Restoration, with a combined 300 years of master craftsman experience, has generously donated their expertise and over 300 hours in meticulous craftsmanship, to restore a rare original 1932 Chippendale Steinway Grand M Piano to its historical accuracy and beauty.

Donated by the Nelson Family of Englewood, NJ, the beautifully restored instrument will be auctioned this 2021 holiday season with proceeds benefiting WAAM, and subsequently, the nonprofits that the Foundation supports. Comparable modern Chippendale Steinway grand pianos are in limited production with estimated values of over $100,000.


The piano has a unique story and long history of bringing music to the lives of many:

“The baby grand piano was originally a gift from my grandparents, Violet and Joseph Nelson. It was given to my grandmother from her grandmother and six generations of my family have tinkered on its ivory keyboard,” said Ayelet Nelson, Steinway donor. “It is not so much the piano that is being gifted, but it is the legacy of my grandparents to utilize everything in their possession to help the next generation and all that follow. My grandmother used the piano to teach underprivileged children in Harlem and my grandfather spent his energy and resources supporting hospitals, schools and a host of other causes. My grandparents were patriots and instilled in us the love of helping others which perfectly aligns with the WAAM mission. We feel tremendous gratitude that the piano will now be heard from the gifted hands of pianists for generations to come.”

Established in 2019, WAAM’s mission is to provide meaningful support to the most impactful non-profit organizations that use the power of music to improve lives and benefit society. WAAM is gearing up for a second round of grant-funding and the Lindeblad partnership is one of several that have been forged to help raise funds for the charities WAAM supports.

“We are inspired not only by the legacy of the piano itself, but also by the Nelson family’s extremely generous gift. We are so proud to partner with Lindeblad in the restoration of this rare piano and to be able to provide future generations the Nelson’s family spirit to use music to impact the lives of others.” said Mary Crawford, Managing Director, We Are All Music foundation.

“The restoration process of every instrument we touch is a unique and rewarding experience. We’re excited about this Steinway because it allows us to bring a special piano back to its original glory and, most importantly, we’re able to serve the community and provide to a cause we believe in,” said Todd Lindeblad, 4th Generation Owner. “We are so thrilled that WAAM has entrusted us with this meticulous endeavor.”

“Hudson Yards was always designed to be a neighborhood to experience, offering a variety of significant public art and dynamic cultural programming for all,” said Stacey Feder, Chief Marketing Officer of Hudson Yards. “We are proud to work with Lindeblad Piano Restoration and extend our partnership with WAAM as they continue to support and spotlight diverse organizations that are affecting positive change through the universal language of music.”