WAAM was founded to support and fund music’s infinite potential to benefit society.


Research & Discover

We identify the best in class music nonprofit organizations through extensive market research as well as community outreach.

Evaluate & Allocate

We utilize a robust proprietary evaluation process. We analyze each organization’s mission, impact and program delivery methodology.

Collaborate & Develop

We work closely with each grantee to provide individualized, appropriate support, increase awareness of their respective mission and develop co-initiatives.

Monitor & Communicate

We actively communicate with grantees and donors alike on impact and results. This reinforces our commitment to transparency to our community, enhances our role as a value added partner and ensures adherence to high standards of excellence.

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Karbon

Music Impact

WAAM is a thought leader in Music Research. WAAM’s Music Impact Research Center (MIRC) funds, researches, aggregates, and disseminates data measuring music’s influence through rigorous, scientific means.


Our first white paper is entitled Metrics Linking Guitars Over Guns to Broader Social Emotional Learning (SEL) – Improving Capacities and Experiences During COVID. This paper describes the way in which WAAM grantee, Guitars over Guns, implements a music mentor model in their after school instructional music programs. The results of the analysis illustrate a striking improvement in key metrics of social emotional learning in program participants. Click to read the full report.

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