Our Team



With more than 30 years of institutional investment experience and a long history of designing and developing sophisticated database and machine learning tools, Peter has focused most of his career on the intersection of these two separate, but wholly complementary skillsets. More recently Peter has focused his time and energy on the burgeoning field of data science, including data visualization and dashboards, data analysis and developing machine learning tools that help take advantage of the enormous (and growing) amounts of data and information which can be harnessed today. Vreeland Analytics was established in 2021 to help investors and asset owners navigate the fast-growing worlds of data science and machine learning, and to help formulate growth and operational strategies that allow ultimately better, more timely decision making, and also a clearer understanding of the world around us. Peter is also involved in philanthropic efforts, and he recently joined the Research Committee of the We Are All Music Foundation (WAAM). WAAM is dedicated to becoming the recognized central repository of deep scientific research into the role of music and its ability to positively impact the worlds of health and wellness, education and community impact.