Our Mission

Our mission is to provide meaningful support to the most impactful organizations that use the power of music to improve lives and benefit society. We support music nonprofits dedicated to social causes in Health & Wellness, Education and Underserved Communities. WAAM awards transformative grants and works closely with each nonprofit to help them achieve their goals, develop collaborative initiatives and guide best practices.

What We Do

We support nonprofit organizations who use music to power their missions.

Research & Discover

We find the best in class nonprofit organizations through extensive market research as well as community outreach.

Evaluate & Allocate

We utilize a proprietary quantitative and qualitative vetting process to select each nonprofit partnership that evaluates their mission, community impact and execution.

Support & Influence

We work closely with each nonprofit partner to support their mission, promote their activities, manage the best use of our funds and help develop new collaborative initiatives.

Monitor & Report

We actively monitor and report the effectiveness of our charitable grant investments. Our aim is to have the highest level of accountability and impact on lives and communities.

What's Happening at WAAM

WAAM creates partnership with Sweetwater to benefit hundreds of music nonprofits across the country
Forbes features WAAM to highlight recent data and science of music’s impact on Health & Wellness
Power of Music Series - videos highlighting music’s capacity to transform lives

We Are All Music Foundation has teamed up with Hudson Yards New York to spread the power of music!

Our partnership is giving back to New York City in a big way by raising money for the music nonprofits we support and spotlighting them through live music performances throughout the neighborhood. WAAM is so proud to partner with Hudson Yards in this philanthropic endeavor!

WAAM Grant Recipients

Your generosity makes it possible for WAAM to provide meaningful and transformative grants to best-in-class music nonprofits who impact lives. The organizations that received grants improve children’s social and emotional development, empower youth through mentorship, offer hope to suffering patients, expand music education in schools, advance health equality, and guide at-risk youth among other things.



Supporting Grants:
Jazz House Kids, Little Kids Rock, Musicians On Call, Atlanta Music Project and Music Haven

Music Impact

Music has proven to be effective in enhancing academic performance, improving social connectivity and benefiting mental and physical health. Music’s powerful influence on behavior and well being is dramatically under appreciated, resulting in under-funded programs. We are committed to expanding awareness of music’s tangible value and profound impact on social emotional learning, physical and psychological health and community engagement.