Amplify the Music, Amplify the Message

WAAM’s Kiosk Initiative Hits the Streets!

We Are All Music Foundation (WAAM) is turning up the volume with our newest initiative that’s hitting kiosks across the country. For years WAAM has been a thought leader in music philanthropy; investing in research and data-driven programs that advance music’s positive impact on mental & physical health, social-emotional learning, and socio-economic success. With our latest kiosk initiative, we are more visible than ever and able to share our mission with communities across the country in a digital format.

The WAAM kiosks are video faces that use an eye-catching 8 second visual to demonstrate the ways that music is proven to impact lives and strengthen communities. A QR code is included in the video to allow interested viewers to navigate back to our website. Largely positioned around shopping center entrances, there are more than 400 screens around the country spreading our message in over 30 markets. The same kiosks that WAAM is currently using have been used by brands such as Pepsi, The Discovery Channel, NPR, Chase Bank, Amtrak and more. Starlite Media, the country’s leading premium shopper marketing and out of home advertising company, has generously donated the ad space to WAAM. 

WAAM is excited to build upon the initial success of the kiosks by arranging more interactive video displays in the future. While still highlighting WAAM’s message, our next kiosk ad will include a call to action for the viewer that amplifies our outreach and engages the power of social media.