Our Team



Levi has over 25 years of experience creating and overseeing digital marketing initiatives in industries ranging from luxury real estate and travel, to consumer goods as diverse as spirits and electric bikes. After serving as an executive at digital marketing firm Velocidi and a director at a Young & Rubicam-owned agency, he founded Parula Group, a digital marketing consultancy based in New York City and Los Angeles that provides customized digital strategies for select brands.


In compliment to his work in the advertising industry, Levi has exercised his creativity through curating art, music, and literary events for high-profile artists, authors, performers, and celebrities.


Levi balances his marketing and publicity work with production and creation of original music, including creating music for films and awards shows, producing remixes for music artists, and releasing original tracks and albums over the past 20 years.


Levi supports various organizations, including the New York Women’s Foundation, the Cornell Ornithology Lab, the Boys & Girls Club of America, and several causes related to music and the arts.