We Are All Music Foundation + Jazz House Kids “Music Has The Power To… “

Discover what music has the power to do through the eyes of these talented young musicians from Jazz House Kids! 

WAAM is proud to support Jazz House Kids. JHK empowers children in under-resourced school districts by providing equal access to jazz education, performance and mentorship programs. JHK creates thriving communities by helping students build careers and develop essential social and emotional skills (SEL).

• 85% of students report enhanced self confidence, teamwork, leadership skills, creativity and work habits

• 80% of middle school program participants are better prepared for high school and report increased determination to graduate and pursue higher education

In this exclusive video journey, we invite you to witness the magic of Jazz House Kids, where the universal language of music becomes a catalyst for personal and collective growth. Join us for this peek into the vibrant world of jazz education, where dedicated mentors inspire the next generation of musicians, instilling not only musical talents but also essential life skills that will resonate throughout their futures.

This is more than just a video; it’s a celebration of the profound impact that music can have on the lives of children, shaping them into confident, expressive, and empathetic individuals. Join us in celebrating the incredible work of Jazz House Kids and the promising futures they are cultivating through the magic of jazz.