The Power of Music Therapy

The Power of Music Therapy

by Jessica DiDonato

In honor of World Music Therapy Week, WAAM would like to say a huge thank you to the incredible music therapists who dedicate their skills and their lives to making others’ lives better.

Musician-turned-therapist Chris Mills, MA, MT-BC, explains the power of music therapy on health and well-being—at the neurological and emotional levels, at all stages of life. Through his work in the hospital, Chris has seen the positive impacts music can have on the body and mind.

“I got into music because I was interested in what it did for people and what it did for me…helping me feel less isolated, making me feel connected to the world,” Chris said. Now, as a music therapist, he’s “using music for what I originally wanted to do with it…helping people connect with themselves when they’re in really difficult situations.”

Watch Chris’s interview with WAAM co-founder David Zusman to learn more about his journey to becoming a music therapist and the proven, effective benefits of music therapy.

Research shows that music therapy can help people with Alzheimer’s (and their caregivers), Parkinson’s, post-traumatic stress disorder, ADHD, depression, and much more. Visit WAAM’s Music Impact Research Center to view our compendium of research demonstrating music’s profound impacts on mental and physical health, education, and socioeconomics.