Our Team



Michele Marsh is a native New Yorker with roughly 10 years experience in the nonprofit sector. She is a founding member of Impact100NYC, where she presently serves as a grants evaluator and membership representative. In addition, she serves on the Board of TADA! Youth Theatre and the Advisory Boards of UpChieve and WAAM. Previously, she was the Director of Development at the Classical Theatre of Harlem and a consultant to several nonprofits.  She is particularly passionate about the performing arts and is thrilled to join the WAAM team as a member of the Grantee Evaluation and Monitoring Committee.  


Prior to embarking on her nonprofit service journey, Michele was a finance executive, having held various roles at Sansar Capital Management, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs. Michele transitioned to the nonprofit after the birth of her daughter, first as a working Board Member to Bowery Babes and a pro-bono consultant and Board Member to the Art of Conservation. Inspired by these experiences, Michele earned her Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management from the New School where she focused her efforts on fundraising, monitoring and evaluation. 


She holds a BA in International Studies from Duke University and has lived, worked and volunteered in Spain, Hong Kong and India, respectively. Having traveled to roughly 100 countries, Michele is always seeking new adventures where she can learn from diverse people and cultures.