The Narda Martin Family Grant

The Narda Martin Family Grant has been established in loving memory of Narda Rignault Martin, dedicated to music education, and in support of the We Are All Music Foundation (WAAM). This grant will help keep music alive by providing instruments, helping with mentorship and career development, fostering creativity, and inspiring at-risk youth.


Narda’s life was guided by music, her magnum opus being her marriage to Phil Martin, and the legacy of their love: Sean, Jake, Luke, and Hays Martin. Narda always believed in giving back and believed that music was the magical art form and language that unites us and gives joy to our lives. It is hoped that Narda’s memory and spirit of giving will help light the path for generations of musicians nurtured by WAAM.


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The We Are All Music Foundation (WAAM) is a central voice dedicated to raising awareness of music’s profound impact on social causes. Our Music Impact Research Center funds, researches, aggregates, and disseminates data measuring music’s influence through rigorous scientific means.

We provide meaningful support to the most impactful music nonprofits focused on Education and Health & Wellness, primarily in underserved communities. WAAM awards transformative grants and works closely with each grantee to help them achieve their goals, develop collaborative initiatives and guide best practices.


WAAM regularly vets and evaluates every program’s effectiveness, reach, and sustainability. By partnering with WAAM, you are supporting music-centric nonprofits that are directly impacting the social causes challenging our country. To learn more about WAAM’s mission and impact, click on the link to the overview document.