Musical Pride: Music Education in Plural Communities

Musical Pride: Music Education in Plural Communities

ABSTRACT: From the paper:

This research explored the provision of music services through hub partnerships in ‘plural’ towns, where no ethnic group is in the majority. The research addressed the following overarching question: How can we achieve and demonstrate greater access, inclusion and participation in and through music by more closely matching local music education provision to the particular needs of the diverse and pluralist communities of modern Britain?

Sub-questions were:
• Does current provision align with local need?
• Are there gaps and/or duplication in the current provision?
• What are the barriers or challenges relating to participation in music and engagement with music education in these case study plural communities?
• Do stakeholders have recommendations for future provision?

REVIEWER: Peter Gerlings

AUTHOR SUMMARY: Dr. Andrea Creech, Dr. Jo Saunders, Prof. Graham Welch