Common Challenges When Giving:

  • Lack of Return On Investment Analysis – Often there is no way for donors to accurately measure the return on charitable donations and it’s influence on lives and communities.
  • Lack of Guidelines – There are no mandatory guidelines for what percent of donations a nonprofit can spend on its own operating budget.
  • Lack of Oversight – Approximately only .6% of all nonprofit organizations are ever audited by the IRS, according to the 2018 IRS Data Book.

The We Are All Music Foundation was created
 to help solve those giving challenges by providing thorough vetting, tracking and reporting of the charitable organizations and initiatives we support.  This leads to greater transparency and accountability.

We guarantee the most effective use of the funds awarded to our hand-selected music nonprofits by applying an innovative approach and monitoring success.

  • Out of the thousands of music related nonprofits that exist, we actively seek the “best-in-class” nonprofits across education, health & wellness and underserved communities and give significant financial support to the most deserving.
  • We thoroughly evaluate an organization’s impact through our proprietary evaluation process, removing the challenge of selecting a trusted music nonprofit and ensuring the funds go to the most deserving organizations.
  • We work closely with each music nonprofit to help them succeed in their mission by partnering and developing collaborative initiatives with our foundation.
Donate now and gain confidence that your charitable investments are in the hands of a trusted team of professionals dedicated to giving in the most effective way to support music organizations.