Hudson Yards and We Are All Music Foundation (WAAM) have teamed up to revitalize New York City and spread the power of music. Your contribution is improving children’s social and emotional development, empowering youth through mentorship, offering hope to suffering patients, expanding music education, advancing health equality, and guiding at-risk youth off the streets and into studios.

WAAM provides grants to music nonprofits supporting social causes in the Underserved Communities, Education and Health & Wellness sectors. Its mission is to provide meaningful support to the most impactful organizations using the power of music to improve lives and benefit society. Grantees have included Education Through Music, Guitars Over Guns, Hip Hop Public Health, Little Kids Rock, Music Haven, Atlanta Music Project, Jazz House Kids and Musicians on Call.

Hudson Yards has kicked off the campaign by donating $50,000 to WAAM. For every additional $25,000 raised, WAAM will bring a musical performance to Hudson Yards in one of the neighborhood’s public spaces.

We need your help to reach our initial goal of $250,000. Together we can bring live music to the neighborhood and use the power of music to change lives!

For corporate donations via ACH transactions or wire transfers, please contact